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IB Safety Products is the manufacturer, designer and distributor of high qualityof industry leather gloves . IB Safety Products has been serving the needs of industry gloves with innovation, quality and environmentally-friendly manufacturing solutions. The idea of IB Safety Products was to create a better way to work with safety, and provide anyone with an easy way to get protection when they are in need. The IB Safety Products team comprises friendly, knowledgeable people from different backgrounds with a shared commitment to excellence in everything we do.

Our Pillars


IB Safety Products vision is to become the most trusted brand for all manufacturing industry leather gloves across the globe.


IB Safety Products mission is to continue its unwavering commitment to its mission of keeping the active doers safe in their workplaces.


We strive to provide the best, most durable products for those looking to ensure their safety.

Why Choose I B Safety?

IB Safety is a great company that offers a wide range of Industry safety leather gloves products to protect themselves and others.

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